As of Dec 8,2012 Html5 web storage has been added. Your calculations are there even if you go off line and come back.They will be there until you click the CF or clear form button.

science calculator with a spreadsheet

is a calculator which is constructed with 15 inline calculators integrated into a totaling form with either keyboard, num pad or mouse entries. It is a hybrid parenthetical inline calculators integrated with a normal button entry style calculator. The very nice thing about this calculator is that you can start using it as a adding machine by making entries on the button style calculator and press the Tot button on the normal style calculator which will then transfer your value in the calculator display window to the total form where they will be totaled. You can save your form print it by using your browsers print preview and print buttons.
     To multiply the contents inside a parenthesis you need to do it like this "2*(4+5)" and not like it is written in text books "2(4+5)".

To use the memory text box just click inside the text box and it load whatever is in the calculator display window.
     To use the round drop down list just click the number of decimal places you want your form rounded to and click the total button.