The spreadsheet calculator to the left can be used as a adding machine, press the Tot button on the calculator and the amounts will be transferred from the calculator display to the form below and totaled in the form . Copy and paste from one form to another your values.Press enter if you copy to the calc field in the form or the money converter.
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If you are in the market for a mortgage it must have a low enough monthly payment so you can meet normal expenses. You've come to the right place. The free online mortgage amoritization calculator will help to see is this mortgage will fit in your budget with the use of the sporeadsheet calculator.
To use the mortgage amoritization calculator enter the loan amount, the time of the loan and the montly interest rate and click calculate to see if you can afford the loan. There is a handy budgeting calculator to the left which will let you figure ou your monthly budget including the loan which will let you know if you can afford your loan.

When buying a home there is another expense that most new home buyers do not consider, maintenance. When will your home need a new roof, paint or plumbing repairs. You should have enough money in the bank to cover these expenses or the ability to borrow the cost if these repairs.

The old rule of thumb was that your housing expenses should be less than 1/4 of your monthly income. Because homeowners were making windfall profits in the 80's and 90's this rule went by the wayside and is one of the reasons of are present financial problems.

To use the monthly mortgage amortization calculator Enter the interest rate, length and the amount you want to finance. The loan amount is how much you'll need to borrow, the interest rate is the rate you will pay the lender, the length is the time you want to borrow the money for.You can enter your mortgage insurance, and your property taxes to get a more accurate value of your monthly payment.Don't forget maintenance.

To the right is a spread sheet calculator

that you can use with the

mortgage amortization calculator

to see if this loan will fit your budget.

A word to the wise almost 50% who take out second mortgages will default on them.